Speech and Language Delay & Sleep Difficulties

Speech and Language or Other Developmental Delay

  • A delay in developing speech and language is common, occurring in approx 1 in 20 children
  • Frustrated behaviour or ‘tantrums’ can result if a child is not able to articulate their needs or how they are feeling, leading to anxiety or isolation from peers
  • This can have a further impact on learning and achievement
  • If this persists, particularly after 2 years of age, an assessment to look further at the cause may be indicated e.g. autism, hearing difficulty or learning difficulty

I can offer a holistic assessment looking at all aspects of your child’s development. This would be followed up with a report containing detailed advice and resources, including recommendations for review by other professionals or any further tests needed.

Sleep Difficulties

Sleep difficulties are very common and this can be a considerable source of stress for many families. I am very happy to meet with families to help to resolve this issue, through exploration of your child’s routine and behaviours. Detailed advice on behavioural management and possibly medical treatment will be offered. 




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